Primary Section

Curriculum Overview


At Centurion International School we have adapted the British Educational Curriculum to incorporate important aspects of living within the Thai community.

To best develop our curriculum we have chosen to focus on three key areas, these being;


Centurion is proud to deliver a unique English Development Programme. We focus on the individual child and work within their current and projected range of development. We use modern assessment methods and actively challenge each student to take responsibility for their progress. Our curriculum is adaptable and extensive to motivate students to work at a high level both in the school, and at home.

Our math’s programme looks to develop traditional areas of math’s alongside more modern applications of math’s in the real world. We use a combination of UK approved textbooks, with online learning resources. Our teachers have an in-depth knowledge of the UK curriculum

The science programme at Centurion introduces each of the primary sciences of biology, chemistry and physics in a fun, fast-paced atmosphere. Students are encouraged to see science as a ‘living’ lesson both in and outside of the classroom. Our teachers provide mini projects to consolidate learning and to develop an interest in general science.  


At Centurion we have developed a rotational system for our ‘foundation’ subjects..  We rotate two subjects each month. PE and languages are not rotated and have three dedicated lessons per week throughout the year.

The British curriculum requires us to cover the following subjects at Keystage 1 and 2.

Through conversations with our students and families, we have also added the following foundation subjects to our monthly rotation.


All students undertake age-appropriate  Thematic Learning during the per year. These projects are closely linked to units in the three core subjects and involve input from our ‘foundation’ subjects. For example, Year 1 students may undertake a project entitled ‘ How to Make Our Own Garden?’

Here is how the core and foundation subjects work together.

How to Make Our Own Garden – Year 1

Science (core)

Looks at seeds and plants and the requirements of how things grow

Math (core)

Looks at designing flower beds, measuring area and depth.

English (core)

Design posters and keep a ‘plant journal’

Community Project (foundation)

Looks at how we can grow food, to sell to or aid the community

Art (foundation)

Creates a photo-journal of the project and a flower mural

Each project involves answering a bigger question. It challenges students to work individually and as a team, to solve various problems using a combination of core and foundation subject skills. Students then present their findings to the class and teachers, outlining what they have learnt and the conclusions they have reached.