What Makes Us Different?​

Bangkok has so many International Schools that parents often get lost deciding which school is the best fit for them and their child. We would like to highlight 5 reasons why we think CISB is different.

We believe that education should be affordable and manageable for as many families as possible. So does this mean we have poor facilities or higher class numbers? No! We are open 7 days a week for classes and our facilities will be available for rent. By spreading the cost through other revenue streams, we aim to keep our fees as reasonable as possible.

Many International Schools minimize the Thai aspect of their schools, so parents are forced to choose either a Thai or an International School. We are proud to offer a British Curriculum, alongside a strong Thai programme that keeps our students at an exceptionally high level throughout all school levels.

All of our students are treated as individuals. We work hard to find out what each child’s passion is. We offer traditional academic subjects alongside creative lessons, such as Cooking, Drama and English Projects. These additional lessons help develop a child in a multitude of different ways.

Many schools require children to do hours of homework and spend weeks revising for needless exams. Our children are not forced to do homework, as they work hard in every lesson. For students wanting to develop their skills, they can ask for credit work to take home. Our students see extra work as a bonus, not as a punishment.

Our professional teachers assess as your child learns, they do not assess at the end of the term. Asking a primary child to spend 1-2 weeks revising for exams, 1 week taking exams and 1 week going over the results, means 4 weeks of valuable learning and so much added stress. On top of this most of what the students revise is crammed into them that they forget it within a few weeks of the exam. Exams are conducted only when required within the UK Curriculum.

Most students start to receive grades as early as Year 1. A child does not focus, (as they might not be socially or psychologically ready to) they receive a low score in a test. This then sets off a chain reaction, where parents panic and send their child to extra lessons, demand more work from the school and the child is then told they are no good at a certain subject. Most adults would say they are not good at some subjects and they were told this at an early age. At CISB we understand a child learns at very different levels and at different times. All our teachers mark work and record a score. We ensure that the child will achieve the required level to move to the next level or if they need more help, we get them prepared. When a request for more help is highlighted we discuss this with our parents. We reward students for achieving the goals we set for them. For those who achieve the highest level, we still reward top effort, but we also reward improved efforts.