About Us

CISB is committed to the complete development of our students through a diversified curriculum. We facilitate growth by adapting and excelling not only academically, but in all aspects of life.

Here at CISB, we integrate both international and national cultures and perspectives. This allows our students to grow and gain confidence in both environments.

Our programmes are designed to reach academic excellence, whilst we remember that each child is unique and possess different abilities, skills and interests.

Besides the academic arena, we strongly emphasize the emotional and mental values of being a human being; respect, trust, self-esteem and love.

We believe in diversity. Students, teachers and faculties of different nationalities, ethnicity and religion enrich our school with multicultural atmosphere creating a foundation for adaptation and flexibility. This helps our pupils to create a place of their own, in the ever-changing global platform.


CISB’s History

Our School Board started the planning phase of CISB back in 2018. The main goal to offer quality education at an affordable price. To offer students the option of a real international education, opening doors to their future.

After 18 months we finished stage 1 of the project and were awarded a full educational license by the Ministry of Education.

Stage 2 has now begun, where we have recruited some amazing teachers to inspire and motivate our students. Each teacher is required to show passion and creativity, to bring a truly unique learning experience to the classroom.

Within stage two we will be opening our primary section and upgrading all our facilities.


Our Philosophy

Quality education is not a privilege, it is a right every child and parent should expect. At CISB we promise to listen to our parents and to deliver upon our promises. We promise to build education, community and social partnerships.

CISB's Principle

Our principal aim is to deliver education to every child, in a way that will have them remembering CISB for the rest of their lives. We aim to create, assist and build upon dreams and open doors for every child who walks through ours!

Key Of Success

A key to our success is the unique blend of academic and social activities offered at the school. Also, we are proud of the life-skills our teachers bring to each classroom, who they deliver more than is asked of them and work with every child to be the best they can be.

School Tour

When you visit CISB, you will see we combine modern, spacious classrooms with covered outdoor play areas to offer our students a world of exploration.

Our campus, based on 7 rai of land, includes a paddling pool, basketball court, an activity room and lots of green open space as well as covered areas for all-day enjoyment.

We have plenty of shaded areas for outdoor reading and socialising

EYFS to Primary

After 3 years in our EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) our students are ready to begin Year 1. A lot of preparation is put into preparing them for the transition. Our teachers spend a lot of time on the transition, beginning in their last term in EYFS our students work with Y1 teachers and are fully ready by the end of the term.