Our programs

Early Years

1.5 - 3 Years

CISB invites children to begin their educational adventure from when they reach 18 months old.  Our unique Early Years curriculum is based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage framework. We have adapted our international curriculum to suit all our students’ families and needs. We provide an environment with emotional and social development but also incorporate a foundation for academic success.

Foundation Stage

3 - 5 years

The foundation of a child’s education is crucial for their future success. This is why we are dedicated to providing the proper educational practices that are vital in supporting your child’s development. Our reflective teachers understand a child’s needs and ensure that they are fully understood and provided for. The framework, also UK based, focuses on several topics that distinguish children as unique individuals and capable learners and is conveyed through an organized approach that is play-based to learning and development.


Primary School

5 - 11 Years

At Centurion International School, Bangkok we have adapted the British Educational Curriculum to incorporate important aspects of living within the Thai community. To best develop our curriculum we have chosen to focus on three key areas:

Variety of Experiences

Academy Study

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Atheletic Sports

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Club & Socials

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Career Guidence

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Student Passed
Qualified Staffs
Courses in Trails

Academy Programs

We offer a number of programs through which learning extends beyond the traditional classroom.

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