Foundation Stage

Foundation Stages 1 & 2

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the statutory framework that sets the standards that all Early Years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe. At Centurion we work within this framework to provide a structured, educational experience in the pre-primary years.

When a child reaches the age of 3 years old, (on or before September 1 in any year,) they are invited to enter Foundation Stage 1. This stage marks the beginning of the transition period to primary school. 

Our Foundation Stage 1 classes have been designed to stimulate the imaginations of our younger students. Each class is set up with creative learning zones. Our Construction Zone allows for fine motor skills development and basic mechanical understanding. Our Literacy and Maths Zones introduce our students to the basics of our core subjects in our primary school. Our Science Zone is designed to be a hands-on learning experience for all our students. We integrate our classroom with our substantial outdoor areas, allowing for learning to take place both indoors and outdoors.


Our Foundation Stage 2 classes are students who are ready to be more independent and who are ready to transition to our primary school within twelve months. The focus moves slightly away from play towards academic and social learning in class.  Sandpit and water play now make way for more English and maths and science projects, but the emphasis is still on learning through exploration and investigation in an age-appropriate manner. Our students are taught both in class and outside, on and off-site and parent-school workshops are highly encouraged.

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