Early Years

Welcome to our Early Years class. At Centurion International School Bangkok (CISB) we invite children to begin their educational adventure from when they reach 18 months old. As being away from parents and learning to socialise is a major milestone, we offer the chance for children to begin with us 3, 4 or 5 days per week. 

During the school day, Early Years students learn the key skills required of them at this young age. They learn about socialising, fine motor skills and exploration. Our highly experienced teachers have designed themes and lessons to foster the 7 Learning and Development Areas within the UK’s EYFS curriculum framework.

The school day starts with everyone together for the national anthem and important messages. After this, the children begin their class timetable. In EYFS we focus on the 7 essential skill areas.

Each session is designed to teach and assess the Learning Goals for each child at the various ages and levels a child will go through in Early Years. Sessions are held both in the classroom or activity room and outdoors in our shaded areas. Outdoor lessons include sessions in the paddling pool, the sand area, the covered cycle area and in our “outdoor  learning zones.”

Children are given nutritious snacks and lunches at the school and eat and socialise with older children. At CISB we foster a family atmosphere and often older children assist in the class to develop peer learning.

At the end of the day, we provide a nap time for our Early Years students. The classroom is turned into a quiet zone to allow them to be properly refreshed before they go home.

For our students who still wish to learn, they are invited to attend After School Clubs to offer them the opportunity to learn more about subjects which interest them.

Our Early Years class focuses on a positive learning environment With professional, experienced teachers and an international curriculum CISB offers a fantastic opportunity for learning.