Online Learning Policy

01 - Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to ensure learning continues even during the event of school closure. The objective is to carry on the learning process, but it will not necessarily replicate a traditional school day as per the face-to-face timetable. Students will be guided to independently extend their learning with the direction of the teacher. Learning objectives are the same regardless of what the platform is, CISB’s standards and high expectations guide the planning of online learning just like they do for face-to-face classroom learning.

02 - Working Together

We understand that our younger students are still developing their learning skills therefore the teacher-parent partnership will be vital for students to really engage in distance learning tasks and to access online resources.

Learning tasks and activities will provide direction and support to families with the understanding that task completion depends on each individual families’ circumstances. We recognise that parents may have more than one child or will need to work, therefore we will tailor tasks towards being manageable and provide as much support as possible from our side.

03 - CISB’s Commitment

To ensure that all students have the same learning opportunities, we commit that:
  • teachers will create learning experiences for students to work at their own pace and take time to absorb content. We will upload any necessary resources in advance so that students have time to complete the work. There will be times when there will not be any resources to upload depending on the teacher;
  • teachers will give explicit instructions for consistency and set clear expectations and deadline for completion of tasks;
  • teachers will mark all student work and provide feedback at the earliest opportunity;
  • the school leadership team and teachers will be online during school hours to give support and encouragement, answer questions, or provide guidance through Google Classroom and Zoom;
  • the school will seek student and parent feedback about quality of the learning experience; and
  • the school leadership will reach out to students who are not attending class or are consistently late.

04 - Online Classroom Rules

When the students are using online learning, it is important they understand that they are at school. Just as if they are in the classroom, here are rules that the students must go by:
  1. All students must attend each lesson. If they are going to be absent then the school must be notified. This will affect their grade if they do not attend. All absences must be sent to the MOE at the end of each term.
  2. All students must be at least 3-5 mins early before class in the Zoom waiting room. If the student comes late, the teacher may not let them in immediately because it will disrupt the class. If the student is late, the teacher will not be able to review the missed part of the
  3. All students must look at the ‘Classroom’ tab before coming to class to know what topics will be discussed and open any document or materials that may be needed during the lesson.
  4. Please keep the room as free from distractions as possible, such as toys, food, TV, games, etc. When the students are learning, we need to make sure that there are no distractions in their room for the students, the classmates and the teacher.
  5. The student must not use filters to distract the class. If the student is causing problems, the teacher has the right to take them out of class and put them in the waiting room.
  6. All videos must be kept on. The student should not turn off their camera. The teacher needs to see them at all times.
  7. Students are responsible for all work that is assigned by the teacher. It must be submitted through Google Classroom. If there are problems submitting, feel free to ask questions.
  8. No eating during class time. The schedule is designed so that there are plenty of breaks during the day so the kids can eat and use the restroom. Please keep a water bottle near you, as in class, so you do not need to leave the classroom to have a drink.
  9. From Year 3 – Year 6, the only one that should be in the camera is the student. No person other than the learner must be visible on camera at any time during the class.
  10. All students must participate in class.
  11. There should be no chatting with their classmates during class time. This can include the direct message or through the microphone.
  12. Students are required to wear their school uniform for every lesson.

05 - Parental Support

For online learning to be effective, the school needs support from the parents. Please assist your child by:
  • providing an environment conducive to learning – access to technology, safe and quiet space during class time;
  • engaging in conversations with your child on assignments and examinations;
  • monitoring and balance the child’s screen time;
  • supporting emotional balance by providing room and time for reflection, physical activity, conversation, and play;
  • supporting your child with managing the deadlines effectively;
  • providing feedback on the quality of the learning experience for your son/daughter;
  • for students in Early Years, Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2, the parents need to be near the child to ensure effective learning is occurring;
  • for Years 3 – Year 6, the child needs to be alone but still have supervision to ensure they are focusing on the school material; and
  • for the school to provide effective assessments and feedback, all students must do the work by themselves. The parents are not allowed to do the school work for their child. We always encourage guiding and assisting the students but doing the work for your child has serious and negative ramifications.

06 - Classroom Platforms

Class DOJO

In Early Years and the Foundation Levels, ClassDojo serves as our online Classroom. Teachers may add daily pre-recorded lesson presentations, content and tasks to their class story. Children are expected to engage with the activities and return completed work to the teacher. This is then approved by the teacher and feedback is given in the form of next steps. Daily lesson presentations and tasks will cover phonics, Math and Literacy, however other development areas will be planned for too. Follow up tasks will be as practical and non-device based as possible, in order to reduce screen time. Any questions about the class can be sent to the teacher through ClassDojo.  

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a form of learning management system (LMS) that uses convenient tools that are free and easily accessible on many devices. We are aware that there can be some appearance or other differences depending on the kind of device you might be using. We will use this program to make announcements, assign classwork and homework, give and grade tests, etc.

Students and parents can create an account with their Gmail account. Whatever Gmail account you use, then every time an announcement is made an email will be sent. Please ensure the Gmail account you give is one that you check regularly and can access.  A lot of teacher / student communication will go through this account and emails need to be read, acted upon and possibly responded to.

To sign up for a class, you will have to put in a special code which will be sent to the parents before school starts. Students should regularly check Google Classroom for updates from their teacher. Students should also use the ‘Classwork’ tab on Google Classroom to view posted revision material. This is where most instructions and materials will be found. Any questions about the class can be sent to the teacher through Google Classroom. 

Videos of each lesson will also be posted on Google Classroom for students to review, or catch up on lessons they missed. Classwork submitted through GC will be returned in the same way, and should be viewed by the student to read teachers comments and check scores etc.


Through the Zoom platform, teachers will conduct LIVE classroom sessions. Parents must agree that an adult will be supervising their child at all times during the sessions. Meeting ID and passwords will be sent through Google Classrooms and will always be at the top of the announcement boards. During the LIVE sessions all children will be muted by the teacher and will be given an opportunity to communicate with their peers when the teacher is ready. The chat function and the student’s name will be controlled by the teacher.

All Zoom classes will be recorded and put on Google Classroom. If you miss any lessons or do not understand a concept, then the students can go back and watch the video. However, this does not mean that the student can miss the class. As stated above in Classroom Rules, attendance is mandatory. A good thing about online classes is that if you do not understand or you missed something, students can go back and watch the video. The Zoom class schedule will be given to every student before school starts.

07 - Homework

At CISB, the teachers in all Year 1 – Year 6 classes will follow the same format for homework. This will prevent confusion from other classes. All work for will be created through the ‘Assignment’ tab in Google Classroom. All homework must be turned in through Google Classroom. All homework must be handed in and sent to the teacher no later than 6.00pm of the same day, unless specified by the teacher. Any homework in the workbook should be photographed and sent as a Google Classroom attachment in the ‘Assignment’ tab. The teachers will mark and comment on the work and send it back. The student needs to read the comments and be ready for the next lesson. If you do not hand in your homework by 6.00pm, it will be considered late and could be given a ZERO grade.

08 - Examinations

To continue the same policies as homework, all the Year 1 – Year 6 classes will use Google Forms to complete tests and final examinations. The teacher will put the link to the test on the ‘Announcement’ tab. Teachers will always give plenty of notice before the exams so that the students have time to prepare.

09 - Online Safety

CISB takes the wellbeing of all students seriously. Working in an online environment poses an ever-increasing risk to children and it is important that the School, Teachers and Parents work together to take an active role in teaching children about online dangers, and how to act safely when using the internet. It is also very important that online activities are monitored by parents when students are required to learn online. Any concerns should be forwarded to the teacher or the Head of School who will investigate the concerns thoroughly. The following rules are set out to protect all students at our school:
  • No adults may ask the students for their password.
  • Unless previously communicated to parents, students will learn with the teachers they already know.
  • Teachers will use official school accounts and never personal accounts.
  • Students will only be asked to use programs that are detailed in this policy.
  • Teachers will not arrange to meet students offline.
  • Students are not allowed to record any online interactions.
  • Parents must ensure that their children maintain appropriate behaviour online.All members of the CISB community remain bound by their obligations as outlined in the Child Protection Policy (Staff will report Child Protection concerns to the Head of School);
  • Private chats, virtual meetings between students are strongly discouraged
  • Our normal school rules of behaviour will apply during online learning. Bullying, posting inappropriate comments/images, or doing anything that makes others feel bad/unwelcome/embarrassed will be dealt with per policy.
  • The sharing of any form of personal data, including telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and all other forms of personal data or contact data is prohibited.

10 - Contact Us

Please feel free to contact any teacher for any technical issues. Teachers are available during school hours and can be contacted through ClassDojo and Google Classroom. Please expect a response within 24 hours. For an immediate response during school hours, please contact us through the CISB Line app.