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Apply To CISB

Detail About How To Apply

Our Admissions Procedure is quite simple.

  1. You can contact the school via
  • email (
  • Line (CISBKK)
  • phone (02 024 9762)
  • website request form

Stage 1

The school will arrange a meeting with the Head of School and the Admissions Manager.

Stage 2

If you wish to proceed, we will arrange a short placement test for your child (primary students only.) This test is not to decide if your child can enter the school, but to decide where we can place your child and to advise you if they may need additional support upon entering CISB.

Stage 3

Once you have been offered a place we then require a small deposit to reserve your place at the school.

Stage 4

After this, our Admissions Manager will contact you regarding your extra needs and important dates.


We look forward to welcoming you to CISB.

Founding Date

The first stone was laid at CISB in 2018, with the primary department due to open in August 2020.

Internationally Prepared

All CISB students entering in Year 1 and leaving in Year 6 will be ready for any international or Thai secondary school. We will fully prepare them for this transition.

A Growing School

CISB is growing every day! We continue to add more facilities both within and outside the classroom. Through our professional experience and parental input we are creating a unique school environment.

Teachers with Experience & Passion

All CISB teachers come with a wealth of experience in teaching, not only in their home country but also within Thailand. They bring with them a passion for creating the best learning experience for your child.